Monday, 28 November 2011

Screen Shot Analysis- Thelma and Louise (1991)

The location of the shot is in a car park, this is a generic convention of a thriller. Cars are male orientated objects however in this shot the woman, Louise is dominating because she has a gun. The car park is also quite isolated which is another generic signifier that this is a thriller film.

Thelma and Louise could both be considered as contemporary femme fatale/Archetypal characters as they both have that sort of appearance. Thelma is holding the gun to a man, this is a big juxtaposition from the norm as it is usually women who get treated badly.

Camera Angle;
For this particular shot the director uses a medium close up establishing shot to show the situation.

This shot uses non-ambient saturated  lighting to create a dark and dingy feel which is another signifier that this is a thriller.  Also the light is focused onto and reflected back off the gun, which represents its importance to the scene.

The lustrous gun is the only prop in this shot, it is almost in the centre of the shot which tells the audience abouts its importance to what is going to happen.

The representation of this shot is showing that America is corrupt with no feeling of safety or security. In the short clip we watched it showed Thelma getting raped and Louise shooting the man, called Harlem. Both Peter Wier's Witness and many of Quentin Tarantino's films such as Pulp Fiction also show the same,      corrupt image of America.

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  1. I like your final point, to strengthen this post you could explain how Peter Weir's "Witness" and "Pulp Fiction" represent the USA as seedy, lacking community and dangerous. When you make inter textual references which reflect your engagement with research you must provide more information.
    Reflecting basic understanding of aspects of film language.