Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Preliminary Task Evaluation

 What Planning did you do for your filming task, and how did this planning aid the filming?
For planning of our preliminary task we created a shot list, which told us all the different types of camera shots we would need to use and where to use them, such as low angle or a long shot.Our plot was about smoking and I played the smoker and will was the person who disagreed with it. I also created 2 different storyboards because we had two different ideas for the task at first, but the storyboard was used to map out the different scenes of our film and a brief description of what was going to happen and the type of shot that was going to be used.

 What is the 180 degree rule, and how is this rule important to the film task?
Whilst filming our preliminary task we encountered a problem with the 180 degree rule and broke it slightly, as a result we had to film again, but basically the 180 degree rule means that all the action, a tennis match or a conversation has to be filmed on the same side, so the action doesn't cross over and confuse the audience. However we managed to overcome this problem whilst filming the conversation. 

What shot types and camera angles did you use in filming your task and to what effect? 

The opening to our film was a low angle shot of feet and somebody stubbing out a cigarette, this was effective as it established the situation but it didn't give away any information about the characters. Over the shoulder shots were then used to follow the character into the building, which showed the journey from a certain point of view. Close ups were used to show people opening doors, this was good as they were often from a low angle which turned out to be a nice shot. We used a bird's eye shot to show the characters walking into the room where the conversation took place, then shot reverse shot was used a little but during the conversation which had great effect because you could hear the dialogue and see the peoples expressions.

What editing skills did you develop, and how confident are you with using the editing software?
During editing I learnt many skills such as how to cut parts of recorded film, which was fairly easy to do. I also learnt how to insert titles, merge videos together and also how to mute some of the film. Before using the editing software I had only used Windows Movie Maker so Adobe Premiere was a step up and it is more complex to use but it is quite easy to use. I do need to improve my use of editing software more so that the cuts are smoother and it all fits together perfectly. 

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  1. Well done Chelsea for completing the evaluation. Could you post under Label G321 Preliminary Task.