Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Potential Thriller Opening Scene Locations

Alleyways like this at night can be dark, often with little light which is ideal for a thriller film

Forests are dark places, especially in Autumn/ Winter as they are cold and baron places, which would be good for an opening to a thriller film.

This alleway in the city is a very good place to do an opening to a thriller as it has all the generic conventions such as dim lighting, a sense of fear and it adds a feeling of intimidation/tension.

This alleway is quite a scary one, it is long and thin and some of it is in complete darkness, it is ideal as it creates a sense of fear.

This alleway is on Newmarket road and at night you can't see very far into it. 

This is near eagle park and the cobbles would fit well with our film and it would look better in the dark.

This is the underpass under the st stephens roundabout and it could be good for a thriller film because although it isn't dark, at night the light is dim which creates a sense of fright.


  1. Some good choices of location. When taking shots could you experiment with camera angles, i.e. close ups, tilt shots etc. Keep up the good work. You have not posted films that would make appropriate case studies for your research into the thriller genre.
    Also you need to post your analysis of "Witness" (directed by Peter Weir), develop the notes we took in class. And the analysis of "Essex Boys" which we did in class.
    You must use capital letters appropriately - this is expected at A Level.

  2. You are behind with your planning, you need to post the shot list, story boards etc onto your blog. See me for advice. Your research into thriller films needs to be linked to your planning, for example thriller films which have inspired your ideas.